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Public Finance Law Firm

Public Finance Lawyer in North Carolina

Public finance law is a complex and sometimes confusing field that involves bond financing, public disclosures and more. At The Charleston Group, our public finance attorneys bring their deep understanding of this diverse and in-depth topic to organizations, underwriters and other entities in need of bond counsel throughout the state of North Carolina. With our guidance, we can help you navigate the ever-evolving laws and regulations implemented by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

The Charleston Group is proud to be recognized as one of Fayetteville's premier public finance practices. We are also listed in the Bond Buyer's Municipal Marketplace, or the "Red Book," which is the nation's source for the most respected and qualified public finance counsel. Co-chaired by celebrated bond counsel Stephen K. Benjamin, our practice looks forward to assisting you with all aspects of your public finance needs to help you achieve your financial objectives. 

Public Finance Attorneys You Can Rely On

Our public finance lawyers have served as bond counsel in a variety of activities giving us the background and experience you need to facilitate these types of transactions. We have also acted as underwriter's counsel, trustee's counsel, disclosure counsel and more in connection with bonds of all kinds, including municipal, tax-exempt and taxable bonds as well as 501(c)(3) bonds. 

Our attorneys are skilled at tackling the ever-increasing complexity of financing for issuers, underwriters and borrowers, representing banks, manufacturers, state and local authorities, health and educational institutions and a variety of other organizations, entities and individuals. Here are a few of the public finance areas we specialize in. 

Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds refer to debt obligations offered by government entities to finance expenditures such as school funding or infrastructure construction. These types of bonds are often exempt from federal, state and local taxes, making them attractive investment vehicles. As your municipal bond lawyer, our public finance practice will represent your interests during a bond offering and prepare a legal opinion attesting that the bond issuance is valid, legal and binding. 

When you choose The Charleston Group, we can:

Tax-Exempt Bonds

As highly skilled municipal bond attorneys, one of our practice's primary focuses is understanding and advising clients about tax-exempt municipal bonds. State and local governments issue these non-taxable bonds to borrow funds needed for infrastructure, schools and other public projects. Because they are government-issued, tax-exempt bonds' interest is exempt from federal taxes. If bought in-state, they're also exempt from state income taxes. We work with clients to understand the full range of public finance issues related to tax-exempt bonds, including: 

Taxable Bonds

The major types of taxable bonds include government-issued treasury securities and corporation issued bonds. We represent lenders by assessing the bond and investigating its intended purpose, as well as researching all applicable laws. We can also represent the government agency or corporation to ensure that the bond issuance is correct, complete and properly structured.

501(c)(3) Bonds

While state and local governments issue most tax-exempt bonds, private organizations may also benefit from tax-exempt financing if they have obtained 501(c)(3) status under Federal tax law. State or local governments issue these private activity bonds to further the organization's exempt purpose. Typical 501(c)(3) organizations include private schools, colleges and universities, cultural institutions, such as museums and historical preservation societies, and health care organizations. 

Our bond counsel can structure and document the bond transaction, or issue an opinion on the validity and tax status of the 501(c)(3) bond. 

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We continually strive to understand both the nuanced and practical aspects of public finance law so that we can help you stay ahead of all the new and evolving federal and state regulations. Our experienced guidance is available to clients in Fayetteville and throughout the state. Contact us today to learn more, or call us directly at (910) 485-2500.