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Government Contracts

Government Contract Lawyers near Fayetteville & Raleigh NC

Engaging in government contracts is often a much more challenging undertaking than when performing contract work in the private sector. Government contracts are subject to a multitude of statutes, laws and regulations that stipulate strict performance requirements for all involved parties.

The complexity of government contract law makes it extremely difficult to gain a clear understanding of the various mandatory clauses that provide the government with specific contractual rights, which are unavailable to privately-held organizations. Companies venturing into the intricate world of government contracts and grants law can easily make mistakes that could have serious financial and legal consequences.

Expert Government Contracts Legal Services

If you are in need of expert legal guidance regarding government contracts and grants law in the Fayetteville-Raleigh, NC area, contact The Charleston Group without delay. Our staff of elite attorneys includes accomplished professionals who possess an unparalleled understanding of the nuances of government contract law as it pertains to North Carolina business entities.

Our government contracts practice specializes in work relating to North Carolina’s All American Defense Corridor. We will provide reliable legal advice regarding contracts with the Department of Defense as well as other federal, state and local agencies.

Formidable Legal Representation for a Wide Range of Relevant Contract Law Issues

Our clients range from large corporations who have secured numerous government contracts to small companies seeking to enter this arena for the first time. Leveraging our deep understanding of and familiarity with government regulations and personnel, we advise on a vast scope of contract issues — from bidding processes to contract negotiation to post-performance audits.

Avoid Potentially Costly Legal Pitfalls

At The Charleston Group, we implement a client service approach that focuses on preventing legal problems before they can occur. In many cases, we are able to help clients avoid potential pitfalls in areas such as regulatory compliance, risk management and labor agreements.

Should contract disputes arise, our contract litigation support lawyers will help you circumvent costly litigation. However, if entering into government contract litigation becomes an unavoidable necessity, you can trust us to provide the aggressive legal representation required to help you gain successful outcomes before regulatory agencies, state and federal trial courts and appeals courts.

About Our Government Contracts Law Firm

The Raleigh and Fayetteville contract law attorneys at The Charleston Group are committed to providing every client with clear and rational legal counsel that delivers the best results. We have achieved our extraordinary success by closely adhering to four basic guiding principles: excellence, accountability, integrity and leadership. Perhaps that is why so many of our clients recommend our firm to their friends and associates in need of reliable legal guidance.

If you are in search of capable, experienced government contract attorneys in North Carolina, contact The Charleston Group today.

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