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Family Law

Family Law

Family Law Firm in North Carolina

Family lawyers offer guidance and representation for navigating life's toughest challenges. Family law is complex, balancing the interests of multiple parties in cases charged with emotion, such as adoption, divorce and custody disputes. When cases hit this close to the heart, making the right decision is hard. Get a helping hand with an experienced family law attorney representing your interests. 

Family Law Matters

We offer professional legal guidance for a range of complicated family matters. The impacts of these cases can last a lifetime. If you are facing any of the following family matters, send us a message and schedule a consultation. Gain experienced legal representation for family cases involving:


State laws regulate adoption, and in North Carolina, residents must meet specific guidelines. For your protection — and the welfare of the child — consult with a family attorney. Foster parents seeking to gain full custody of foster children are included. Residency, the child's age and your marital status will all affect eligibility. 

Child Support

Child support helps with the costs of raising a child. Too often, parents dodge this responsibility, falsifying income and withholding payment. If you need to request support from another parent, we can help. We work for the assistance you deserve, including payment for medical, educational and child care expenses. 

Child Custody

Child custody is often part of a divorce agreement and a driving force behind calculating child support payments. These cases are revisited as changes develop and disputes arise. Custody cases impact the lives of parents and children. Whether entering into an initial agreement or seeking to make changes, call a lawyer first.

Division of Social Services (DSS)

A DSS inquiry can be frustrating and embarrassing for any parent. This agency aims to promote a healthy home environment, but often, well-meaning parents find themselves under investigation. DSS social workers may recommend classes, counseling, changes at home or, in severe cases, removal of your child.


Regardless of the grounds for divorce, separation of property, child custody, support payments and more are decided in the courtroom. Family lawyers are skilled in developing strategies for a favorable division of property, creating child visitation schedules and tallying necessary living expenses. 

Protective Orders

Protective orders are designed to shield victims of domestic abuse from their abusers. We file protective orders forcing domestic abusers to stay away or face legal repercussions for violating, typically a Class A misdemeanor. If you are the victim of abuse, start the legal process for protecting yourself and holding your attacker accountable. 

Spousal Support

In many relationships, it is common for one spouse to earn more than the other. Following separation or divorce, this often leads to income disparities, threatening the standard of living. Family law firms determine appropriate support payments after separation and work to establish ongoing payment schedules. 

Fayetteville Family Law Practice

If you are facing a family legal matter, contact The Charleston Group today. We offer experienced family legal guidance in Fayetteville and the surrounding area, including Raleigh, Fort Bragg, Charlotte, Hope Mills, Durham and Fuquay-Varina. Gain protection for you and your loved ones. For help with a family case, call (910) 485-2500 or send us a message.